Aruba’s Top Slot Options in 2022 (And Maybe 2023) 

Since the 1970s, the number of casinos and other gambling enterprises in Aruba has increased dramatically. On the island of Aruba, there are currently twenty commercial casinos. The number and kind of slot games available vary from one to the next. 

Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean. It is only approximately 70 square miles in size. Slot players, on the other hand, have numerous locations from which to place their bets. The following is a list of some of the best slot machines available in Aruba. It includes the Aruba slots that payout the most money as well as the slot games with the best return on investment percentages. I’ve also included my thoughts on the best spots for slot players to gamble while on the island. 

Aruba’s Best Casinos in 2022 

The three casinos on Aruba that will most likely be among the best in 2022 and 2023 are as follows: 

1- The Wind Creek Aruba Resort houses the Seaport Casino

Wind Creek has two casinos to select from. The Seaport Casino is the larger of the two casinos, as well as the glitzier and more glamorous of the two. It also has a wider selection of slot machines, table games, hotels, and other amenities, as well as (to be honest) better views. In addition to the 400 or so video poker and slot machines, Seaport Casino offers up to thirty live dealer table games. There is also a live poker room and access to a beach that is frequently recognized as one of the best on the island. 

2- Aruba Marriott Resort’s Stellaris Casino 

The Stellaris Casino, is by far the largest casino on the island, with a little more than 15,000 square feet of gaming space. This is enough for over 500 slot machines, up to 30 table games, live poker, and bingo, among other things. The Stellaris Casino is usually the property with the most foot traffic on the entire island, especially at the beginning of the year. Stellaris is also one of the only casinos on the fully smoke-free island. 

3- The Orchid Casino, which is housed within the Riu Palace Antillas

I believe it is vital to draw attention to this place because it is off the beaten path and often remains empty even during the peak tourist season in late winter and early spring. The Orchid Casino is around average in size for Aruba. It features a few hundred slot machines and approximately a dozen table games, although it is not directly located in a tourist corridor with a lot of foot traffic. If Stellaris or Seaport is too crowded for you, Orchid will usually have more area to wander around and stretch your legs. 

4 – Aruba’s Slot Machines with the Highest Payouts and Most Generous Returns 

Aruba’s casinos are neither required by law to keep track of how much money is won from slot machines nor are they required to keep their slot machine payouts within a certain range of what is deemed an appropriate return to player data. The RTP for any one slot machine on Aruba cannot be determined with any degree of certainty. The best thing you can do is look up the game on the internet, but even then, you’ll only obtain an estimate of the game’s RTP. 

Having said that, you should not be frightened to play slot machines while on the island. Aruba’s casinos are run by the island’s most renowned hoteliers. Most casinos are named after well-known hotel brands such as Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Holiday Inn, or Hyatt. These corporations are clearly in the business of making money, but unlike fly-by-night casino scammers who put up machines to take off their customers, they are not in the business of making money by defrauding their customers. Customers would stop playing slots if the stakes were excessively high in comparison to their expectations. 

Where to Play Slot Machines in Aruba

The three casinos listed below are highly recommended for slot players visiting Aruba since they not only offer some of the most opulent amenities and other features but house some of the best slot machines on the island: 

Casino Alhambra 

The Alhambra Casino is located on a massive property that includes not one, but four unique beach resorts as well as a big retail section filled with high-end boutiques and sophisticated dining businesses. The Alhambra Casino is nearly as beautiful, with 500 slot machines and a dozen different table games to select from. Keep in mind that the Alhambra is not fully smoke-free; hence, if the presence of smoke bothers you, it is conceivable that it is not the best venue for you. 

The Wind Creek Crystal

Wind Creek Crystal Casino, in addition to Wind Creek Seaport Casino, is a gaming establishment. The casino floor at Crystal is near twice the size of the one at Seaport, and the difference is most noticeable there. Slot machine players often have 600 different games to choose from. People looking for the slot machines with the highest return-to-player rates in Aruba should go to Crystal, which has fewer table games than Seaport Casino. 

The Ritz-Casino Carlton’s (Ritz-Carlton) 

You will either appreciate gambling at the Casino at the Ritz-Carlton in Aruba or you will not enjoy gambling there. I like the luxurious features that the Ritz offers. Some of these aspects include the fact that my cocktail is served in a genuine glass, the easy availability of live sports betting and the polishing and oiling of the brass and wood paneling. Some gamblers may dislike the lavish setting, yet at any given time, there are over a dozen table games and about 300 slot machines in operation. 

Which casino on Aruba offers the highest payouts? 

Michael Shackelford, who works at the Wizard of Odds, visited Aruba a few years ago and visited nearly every casino on the island. Along the way, he made mental notes of the numerous video poker pay tables that were available, which he mentions in his Aruba casino reports. When it comes to the payback percentages supplied by their video poker games, some were significantly superior to others. 

Because determining which casinos in Aruba have the most generous slot machines is impossible, all I can do is name three casinos that provide video poker games with fair pay tables. My logic goes as follows: if they have video poker games with rewards that are even remotely equal to the standard, it stands to reason that the same is true for their slot machines. 

Based on this data, the following Aruba casinos offer the highest payouts for slot machines, as determined by how each casino organizes its video poker games: 

The casino located within the Hilton hotel 

With only about 200 slot machines, the Casino at Hilton is not the best option for slot players searching for a diverse selection of games. What it lacks in variety, it appears to make up for in odds; the Hilton Casino’s return to player percentages (RTPs) for video poker is nearly comparable to those found in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. This implies that their slot machines will be at least as good as those found on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Aruba Marriott Resort’s Stellaris Casino 

The average return rate for video poker games at Stellaris Casino is 96.31 percent. That’s not as good as you’d expect from a casino on the mainland, but it’s a lot better than other locations on the island. This suggests that their slot games are equally generous. Stellaris at the Marriott has a larger slot library than other Aruban casinos, therefore I feel comfortable referring slots players looking for the highest paying Aruba slots game there. 

Holiday Inn Beach Resort’s Excelsior Casino 

The best Deuces Wild video poker games can be found at Holiday Inn’s Excelsior Casino, along with other video poker varieties with good odds. That game has an RTP of more than 97 percent. That is far from full payment. However, it is excessively high for an Aruba gambling machine. Again, this leads me to believe that their slots are among the best-paying on the island. 

Aruba’s Top Slot Machines

Based on crowd numbers around the machines and how difficult it can be to find an open game in Aruba’s casinos, here are three of the most popular slots to play in 2022: 

Slots with a deal or no deal 

IGT’s Deal or No Deal slots capitalize on the TV game show’s enormous popularity. The game includes additional rounds and extra features modeled by the gameplay of the show. These games are popular everywhere I’ve seen them, including large Vegas casinos and other US gambling establishments. 

Slots based on the Wheel of Fortune 

Have you ever seen a bank of Wheel of Fortune slots without a small throng surrounding it? Aruba is no exception. Wheel of Fortune slot machines may be found in all of Aruban’s main commercial casinos. On the island, there are dozens of different Wheel of Fortune slot varieties. 

 Megabucks Slot Machines 

Megabucks slots are among the most well-known and popular slot machines in the world. The success of these games can be attributed to their massive progressive jackpots, which have resulted in the greatest slot machine winnings in history. Aruba has a plethora of Megabucks games. 

Aruba’s Loosest Slots

IGT’s Triple Red Hot 7s 

If you want to play the best RTP slots in Aruba, staying with classic-style games is a great way to go. Triple Red Hot 7s by IGT is a traditional three-reel slot with the addition of a free spin round and a wild multiplier. IGT claims Triple Red Hot 7s have an RTP varying from 92.01 percent to 96.13 percent, but you’ll never know which variation you’re playing. 

IGT’s Double Diamond 

IGT’s Double Diamond slot is another three-reel classic. If you’re noticing a pattern, that’s great; the best-paying slots in Aruba in 2022 are primarily simple affairs free of progressive jackpots and other gimmicks. According to Double Diamond’s producer, the game’s RTP ranges between 85 and 98 percent. The top prize in the game is 2,500 coins, which are worth between $25 and $25,000 depending on the coin size. 

NetEnt’s Mega Joker 

Most Aruba casinos offer NetEnt’s Mega Joker. Another three-reel game with traditional rules and setup. It’s even designed to look like an old-school mechanical slot machine, complete with groaning mechanical reels and cheap flashing bulbs. According to the manufacturer, Mega Joker has an RTP of 92 to 99 percent. 


Finding the loosest locations in Aruba in 2022 requires some footwork and equal amounts of patience. If you visit during the island’s peak tourist season (January to March), you’ll have to contend with massive crowds of people fleeing harsh winters elsewhere in the world. 

If you have any further thoughts about the best paying slots in Aruba in 2022, please leave a comment so I may incorporate them into this post.